Man ist ja als Pianist einiges gewohnt: verstimmte Flügel, kaputte Klaviere, quietschende Pedale, fehlende Saiten. Aber manchmal ist einem das Glück doch hold und man begegnet außergewöhnlichen Instrumenten. Hier haben wir ein extrem seltenes und wirklich beängstigendes Exemplar dieser Spezies:

Ein Schimmel-Flügel aus rauchbraunem Plexiglas.

Elly Ney (1882-1968) hätte Ihre wahre Freude daran gehabt, sie war schließlich Hitlers Lieblingspianistin!

Elly Ney (1882-1968), it is said, was a „fanatical supporter“ of Hitler. She voluntarily joined the Nazi party in 1937, participated in ‚cultural education camps‘, became an honorary member of the League of German Girls, and wrote adoring letters to „mein Führer“. According to the pianist Edward Kilenyi, who was a captain in the US Army at the time, she would read extracts of Hitler’s writings and soldiers‘ letters from the concert stage; and in Salzburg, where she taught during the war, she used to honour Beethoven’s bust with a Nazi salute. After the war she was banned from performing in Bonn, and a request in 1952 for this ban to be lifted was refused. Her career, which had flourished in the earlier years of the century, never recovered, and just last year the mayor of Tutzing, the small Bavarian town where she died, finally removed her portrait from the Town Hall. (


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